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Do you want to find bargain hotspots in your suburb?

The impact of location on property prices is undeniable, yet within a single suburb, the difference between paying a premium for a home or snapping up a bargain can often come down to just a few streets. Discover the secrets of identifying hidden pockets of value in your neighbourhood using a powerful tool.

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Mortgage brokers settle a record 7 in 10 new home loans

Mortgage brokers have achieved an impressive milestone, assisting in the settlement of seven out of every ten new home loans. This achievement underscores the pivotal role mortgage brokers play in helping Australians fulfill their dreams of owning a home. It’s a testament to their effectiveness in facilitating the transition to the home of your dreams.

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Exploring 4 Australian cities poised as future property hotspots

Whether you’re considering a new home or an investment property, making a wise financial choice involves selecting areas poised for value appreciation. But where should you focus your attention? Today, we’ll unveil the Australian cities where population growth is expected to provide a significant boost to the property market.

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The Primary Driver Behind Rising Home Prices

Property prices have witnessed a remarkable surge of nearly 7% within this year alone. With the continued upswing anticipated, let’s delve into the factors that are propelling national housing values to new heights and why it might be advantageous to consider entering the market sooner.

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